Confirmed in Christ

Throughout my time as a youth pastor, here and with previous congregations, I look forward to confirmation every year. For two years, our soon-to-be freshman have gathered together to study the Bible, learn Methodist theology and history, and grapple with their relationship with the Church and with God. This Sunday, they choose to be confirmed. They choose to commit themselves to growing in relationship with Christ and with our congregation.

I am grateful for all that each youth and our teachers and mentors have brought to our confirmation classes - their questions, their beliefs, and even their jokes. We have grown a lot together in these two years, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them. Some may look at confirmation as an “ending,” but to the contrary, this is the beginning. This is the moment when they affirm their relationship with and commitment to God. This is when they choose to become members. Here we go!

I invite you to be in prayer for our 2020 confirmands and engage them. Seek their input, invite them to participate alongside you, for they are not the future of the church, but the church right now.

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