We feel it is important for young people to work on developing their faith in such a way that it will become a solid resource for coping with the challenges and triumphs of life. The goal of our Junior High Ministry is to build these resources and, in the process, make Disciples for Christ.

There are many ways that the Church community teaches its members how to be disciples. Students are invited each week to explore the Bible, discuss theological topics, and apply components of faith to their daily lives. Seventh graders explore an overview of the Bible through a curriculum called "Echo the Story" while eighth graders explore theological topics and Methodist tradition through a curriculum called "Collaborate."

Students are required to volunteer within different areas of the church community in order to form a more complete understanding of what it means to be a part of an active and vibrant faith community.

Responsibility of Parents

Please think seriously about enrolling your son or daughter in confirmation this year and, with him or her, make a commitment to work on your faith. As parents, you are a crucial part of your child’s journey. Most importantly, help ensure your child is at confirmation every Sunday and be positive and supportive about our church and the confirmation program.

In a typical year, there are a variety of opportunities for parents to help with the confirmation program. We hope to add in our usual opportunities for your involvement as circumstances allow us. These may include: helping acolytes on Sunday mornings, teaching a section of the confirmation class, and assisting with activities. 

For now, we are requesting that you help your child attend confirmation class and Sunday worship each week.

Expectations for 7th and 8th Graders

Confirmation is important! There are expectations for our youth, which include:

  • Attend confirmation in person each week that we are scheduled to meet.
  • Attend Sunday morning worship at least eight times.
  • Be ready to listen and contribute to the class discussion.
  • Show respect for yourself, other students, teachers, and shepherds.
  • As we are able, we will return to the typical expectations including acolyte responsibilities, and participate in fellowship and service activities.
  • Serve as an acolyte at least two times throughout the year. Acolytes process in with the ministers at the beginning of Worship, light the altar candles, sit on the pews to the sides of the altar, extinguish the candles at the end of Worship and recess out ahead of the ministers following Worship. There is a training session during confirmation and students will acolyte for the 10:00 a.m. services.
  • Participate in one long-term service activity (Sing in the Connection Choir, help with our Sharing Our Skills Saturdays or help with Sunday School)

In previous years, the Connection Choir offered service to the church community by sharing in some of the Sunday morning worship services, the Ash Wednesday Worship Service and through the Spring Cantata.


Confirmation Fees

The fees for confirmation this year are $25. Payment may be made online on our Giving page through this link and look for the Confirmation Fee or you can choose to mail your form with a check payable to Downers Grove First United Methodist Church and mailed to the attention of Deacon Wesley Dorr at the church (See address below on the website.) along with the Youth Ministries Emergency and Permission Form.

Typically, fees are $225 per year to cover activities, materials, and retreats.The remainder of the program expenses are supported by the church through the Education Work Area. 

Confirmation Sunday

Eighth graders will be confirmed at a worship service, typically either at the end of April or beginning of May. Confirmation is currently scheduled for May 2, but we will confirm this date in 2022.

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