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How Our Branches Grow

Each year as the month of May begins, so too do many important celebrations in the lives of our young people. This month we honor our confirmands, Chapel Choir seniors, and all of our graduates as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.

How Our Branches Grow

Confirmed in Christ

Throughout my time as a youth pastor, here and with previous congregations, I look forward to confirmation every year. For two years, our soon-to-be freshman have gathered together to study the Bible, learn Methodist theology and history, and grapple with their relationship with the Church and with God. This Sunday, they choose to be confirmed. They choose to commit themselves to growing in relationship with Christ and with our congregation.

Be Kind and Forgiving

Monday Night Devotion

Pastor Wes' Devotion

Good Soil

In the gospel lesson for Sunday, Jesus tells a story of seeds being sown. Some seed was planted too shallow, some seed was planted where it did not have room to grow, some seed did not reach the soil at all and fed the birds, but the seed that fell into the good soil produced a great harvest.

Pastor Wes' Devotion


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