Growing from Grief

This week I, like many people, put on my pink and headed out to see the Barbie movie. It had much more substance than I thought it would, and who knew this gorgeous piece of plastic could have such real human experiences? Without giving too much away, let's just say that Barbie is NOT having a good day. Things aren't so wonderful as they usually are and Barbie's at a loss for what comes next. At one point you see her literally lying on the ground. When another wonders what's going on with her, Weird Barbie says, "This Barbie's not dead. She's having an existential crisis."

Have you ever found yourself there? So frustrated with the situation that you're in but unable to do anything about it? Not even sure exactly what you would do if you could do something? There are definitely times in life when I've wanted to "pull a Barbie" and just lay down and wait for a situation to fix itself.

This week's Scripture, Romans 8:26-39, was written for a community in distress. In some ways, it's a promise and a pep talk, offering assurance that goodness is still to come. Often shared in memorial services, this text offers hope in the midst of loss, uncertainty, and devastation. Join us this week as we acknowledge the difficulties of life and receive a biblical pep talk that offers some nourishment to persevere with hope intact in times of trouble.

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