Tour 2016 - Day 2

In the morning we had the Easter service where we lit the candles and we're all participating in the service by reading scriptures individually. Afterwords we were able to have individualized omelets made by the boy scouts that were a part of the church for breakfast. Then we got on the bus and drove to get lunch. Pennsylvania's fast food does not taste the same as Chicago's. Then we got back on the bus to go to the nursing home and we were almost late. We had to cut some songs so that everyone could eat dinner on time but the performance still went well. One of the residents was singing along.
After that we to Penn state to eat dinner where most of the choir ate at the buffet they had in the cafeteria, holding pasta and soft serve ice cream. With an hour or so before the bus would come back, we had time to walk around the campus. Once we got to the church, we got our host families and went home. My host family was very nice and even picked up freshly layer eggs for us to eat for breakast.

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