Tour 2017

Day 1 - Manchester, Missouri


Day 1, 4:30 am, no one was happy.  We were on the road by 6:30 am and the second we were on the bus, everyone was sprawled out into the aisles.  It was a five hour drive to St. Louis, Missouri and we had a long way to go.  Everyone slept.  As the hours went by and people woke up, we plugged in Pitch Perfect 2 and watched until we arrived to the arch.  When we stopped, we went out to lunch, some going to Panera Bread and others going to Jimmy Johns.  Getting back into the cramped bus, we had another hour and a half or so to get to Manchester.  When we arrived, we immediately put our bags into our separate rooms and went to practice, talking to former DGFUMC pastor, Nick.  The Church bought us pizza and we got ready.  As we went up to perform, we had a crowd of about 10 people, but still performed as if there were a whole crowd.  Once the performance was over, some people went out for a run while others got ready for bed and as curfew arrived, lights went out and people were spread out around the rooms, sleeping on the floor, on couches and on chairs, preparing for an early morning and another five hour bus ride.



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