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Chapel Choir Tour Day 3

Day two found Lauren looking at the world from a different perspective. After losing her wallet temporarily, she flipped with joy when it was returned safely! During a sermon by Pastor Beth, words ushered us into God's nudging our hearts to open to gratitude. As this was said a yellow balloon came over and Julian said, "God’s presence floated amongst us." The balloon floated in and over us visually scoring the sermon. God’s presence followed us even into our messy bus, THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING no it’s that same balloon bouncing around us.

Chapel Choir Tour Countdown

Thirteen days until 41 Chapel Choir members and adult leaders head off for Tour 2012 and NYC!  This is just the first of many blog entries for Tour 2012.  Look for our daily updates and photos starting on March 24th.


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