Sharing Connections

Sharing ConnectionsSharing Connections Furniture Bank provides donated furniture and household items to low-income families, most of whom are coping with crisis like domestic violence, job loss, or financial hardship and include the previously homeless, unemployed and working poor, veterans, victims of domestic violence, immigrants, individuals with mental or physical disabilities, victims of fire, flood and natural disasters, etc. Clients have housing, but are faced with the harsh reality that their “home” is empty or severely under-furnished. The goal of the organization is “tonight, everyone eats at a table and sleeps in a bed.”  The average salary of a client family of four is approximately $12,400 a year. After basic expenses are paid, there’s little if anything left for the common household furnishings most take for granted. 

For more information, call 630-971-0565 or visit the Sharing Connections website.

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