Imagine No Malaria

Imagine No Malaria

The United Methodist Church has worked in Africa for nearly 200 years operating churches, school, hospitals and clinics across the continent in places where no one else will go. For this reason, the UMC was invited into a global partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations Foundation to help lead the effort to end malaria on that continent. Going beyond distributing bed nets, the Imagine No Malaria comprehensive plan includes ongoing prevention, education, treatment and communications to end preventable deaths by malaria.

Give NowHowever, malaria is only a preventable, treatable and beatable disease IF resources are available.

A gift of $100 saves a life – will you save at least one life?

Mision Fronteras

Mision Fronteras

Mision Fronteras (Border Mission) is the name of a mission by DGFUMC members, Debbie Rissing and Jeff Wasilevich, in the Lake Titicaca region on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Working in one of the poorest areas of both countries, they are helping local churches become resource centers providing economic support and other services to the indigenous Aymara and Quechua people. Mision Fronteras was founded in 2009 through a covenant partnership between United Methodist Volunteers in Mission, the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, and the Methodist  bishops of Peru and Bolivia. Visit their Facebook page for more details and read their blog for regular updates.

Jeff and Debbie in Bolivia

The People They Serve

The Lake Titicaca region of southern Peru and western Bolivia is among the poorest in both countries, populated by indigenous Aymara and Quechua, who, hundreds of years ago were members of the same tribe. Though divided by national boundaries, the people continue to share familial and cultural ties. Particularly because their governments provide little or no local human services, the people want to strengthen their local churches and use them as community resource centers – bases to improve their economy and health, and develop sustainable resources.

Urban Village Church

Urban Village ChurchThe Urban Village United Methodist Church is a bold, inclusive, relevant new congregation that has recently launched in the city of Chicago. They currently have services in three locations; on Sunday mornings at 10:15am at the Spertus Institute, 610 S Michigan Ave, 2nd Floor, at 10:30am at the Chopin Theatre, 1543 W Division St, Wicker Park, and at 10:30am at the Bethany Retirement Center, 1602 W Ainslie St, Andersonville. They will launch a fourth location in Hyde Park in February, 2013. Rev. Trey Hall and Rev. Christian Coon, the United Methodist pastors who led this launch of Urban Village UMC, seek your prayers, contacts, and financial support.

If you have colleagues, friends, children or grandchildren who live in the city and you think they might be at all interested, please email trey@urbanvillagechurch.org. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so online or mail a check made payable to "Urban Village Church" to:

Urban Village Church
PO Box A3882
Chicago, IL 60690-3882

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