2023 Annual Giving Commitment

Our 2023 finance campaign is 95% of the way to our goal at this time. This year’s theme is “Reconnect, Renew, and Reach Out.” Our financial gifts make possible the ministries to change lives, transform communities, and renew the church. John Wesley urged us to “earn all you can and save all you can so that you can give all you can.”

A strong and active church allows us to serve others well! Our church is always there for us as well through our children and youth ministries, inspirational music programs, dedicated staff, and most of all, our finest traditions of relishing the glory of God in our lives.

As the church, we are the heart, spirit, and hands of God’s love — and we are putting love into action. As the Finance Committee works on the 2023 church budget requirements, be aware that estimates show we will need a 4% increase in pledges. 

We are very grateful for your continued generosity. A special thank you to all who already turned in your pledge cards. Every pledge and every gift, great or small, helps our church maintain our programs, staff, worship, educational and mission opportunities, and historic building.

Giving Opportunities

We encourage all to give online. If you plan to give regularly this year (weekly, monthly, or quarterly), we encourage you to use the recurring giving option.

You can also give using your phone. Download the Vanco Faith app, the church's electronic giving program or give by texting 630.812.7062.

Questions? Need assistance?

For more information about online giving, visit or for questions or assistance contact Carolyn Donnelly at 630.968.7120, x208 or

Reconnecting Our Ministries - 2022 Annual Giving Commitment

We Need Your Help to Reconnect Our Ministries!
Our church continues to build momentum as we come out of the pandemic. While our church finances have remained stable, operating revenues are behind budget $15,000. Thank you for your continued generous support!

Please mail or email your commitments to our church and any questions you may have, to reaffirm our shared mission. We look forward to sharing in this commitment with you in the coming year.

About Reconnecting Our Ministries

Dear Friends,

As we reconnect as a church after the pandemic, we need to fully fund our activities. We operate with an annual operating budget of approximately $900,000. This covers all the costs of operating the church — ministries, missions, music, staff, and property. Much of the budget is allocated to ministries and property, which enables us to continue to enjoy the programs that make us who we are.

For the past several years, we have had an annual shortfall in that budget, and this trend continues in 2022 with an estimated $66,000 gap. A number of elements contribute to this, including changes for members such as moving away, losing employment, passing away, or simply not reconnecting yet. Income from commuter parking fees and building rental has also significantly decreased during the pandemic.

2022 Annual Giving Commitment

Thank you for your gifts to God through Downers Grove First United Methodist Church in 2021!  Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our church has remained faithful with recurring gifts that have made all of our programs, ministries, missions, and community connections impacted by the world possible and viable. Thanks to your contributions in the name of God, our church and community have been Growing Our Gifts for New Life Together in vibrant new ways. Our church has gone through so many changes, yet our core values of Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors (in person and online) remain constant.

This October, we explored our membership vows of presence, prayer, service, gifts, and witness. On Commitment Sunday (October 24) we celebrate the exciting opportunities for the church as we stream forward with new technologies that we can utilize now and in the future.

Christ is always with us, and our church is always there for us as well. Our youth ministries, inspirational music programs, dedicated staff, and most of all, our finest traditions of relishing the glory of God in our lives, are still there but look a little different.

The activities of our church require a large financial investment for our beautiful, but old, church building, the spiritual leaders of our youth and music programs, and our mission work. By making this investment, you commit to the success of the church’s overall mission of enriching the spiritual lives of the congregation and the community. Every gift, no matter how big or small, furthers that mission and helps bring the message of Jesus to the world striving to provide full inclusion recognizing our strengths and our diversity.

UMC #Giving Tuesday

UMC Giving Tuesday

Dear Brothers, Sisters of Our Home Church Greetings from Copacabana, Bolivia!

We have great news! The UMC General Board of Global Ministries has a declared December 3 to be Giving Tuesday. On this day, GBGM will match every dollar donated to an Advance Mission Site such as the Peru-Bolivia Lake Titicaca Border Mission - #3021288!

Huacuyo Church CelebrationWe are always thankful and proud of the support – both financial and spiritual – we receive from our home church. We are serving here because the direction our spiritual journey took while at DGFUMC. Thanks to what we learned in classes such as Just Faith, and serving as volunteers for programs like Bridge and PADS we found ourselves yearning to serve in a way unique to us. Thank you all for all you have already done for the mission we serve.

If individuals or the congregation are willing and able to again offer support for the mission’s work, we’d be most grateful, as would the poor indigenous Aymara people with whom we live and work.

Gifts of Hope and Healing

Easter Offering

On Sunday, March 31, we will worship with full hearts, proclaiming to the world that “Christ is alive!”  Easter is a wondrous celebration of Christ’s Resurrection and the promise of eternal life. And it is a time to remember that Jesus came to heal and provide hope to all.

Each year we invite our congregation to help carry out this mission of hope and healing by participating in our Special Easter Offering which funds the Rainbow Covenant giving of the DGFUMC Missions Work Area. Your Easter gifts will make a critical difference in the lives of individuals in northern Illinois, as well as in national and global United Methodist missions programs.

Jesus calls us to bring healing and restoration wherever we can.  Let us celebrate Christ this year with even greater passion and live out our calling together.

Voices for Children: Fifth Sunday Appeal

United Voices 4 Kids

Enclosed in the bulletin this Sunday morning is an offering envelope for the United Voices for Children - Fifth Sunday Appeal. UVC is a coalition of groups and individuals within the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church. Your gift will help with the work of ChildServ, United Methodist Youth Services, Marcy-Newberry Association and Rosecrance Health Network.

For more advocacy information, check out the web site at:

2012 Offering Envelopes

A lot of you still have not picked up your 2012 offering envelopes. If you have not received them please pick them up in the church office. If you did not request envelopes or would like to sign up for ACH direct debit, please contact Carolyn Donnelly, financial secretary, in the church office.

2012 Offering Envelopes

Now available at the west entrance of the church. If you did not request envelopes or would like to sign up for ACH direct debit, please contact Carolyn Donnelly, financial secretary, in the church office.

2012 Offering Envelopes

Now available at the west entance of the church. If you did not request envelopes or would like to sign up for ACH direct debit, please contact Carolyn Donnelly, financial secretary, in the church office.

Check Free Giving

Cancelled checkIf you don’t like to write checks or keep forgetting to bring your envelopes to church on Sunday, there is another way to maintain your giving to the church. 

You can make your tithe/pledge/offering directly to the church through a direct debit to your checking/savings account. The advantages to you are that you won’t have to write checks, you will never get behind on your pledge due to vacations, etc. The advantages to the church are an improved cash flow especially during the summer!

If you are interested in this program, please download the ACH Debit form from the link below and fill it out with your banking information (most of which comes from the bottom of one of your checks). Fill out the necessary dollar information and include a voided check.

Direct debits will only be made MONTHLY to your account. (Sorry can’t do weekly!)

If you have any questions, regarding this program, please contact Carolyn Donnelly (630-968-7120 x 208).


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